Monday, November 21, 2011

JT ain't got nothin' on me...

WARNING: This post contains Breaking Dawn spoilers... kind of.

While attending a midnight-ish showing of Breaking Dawn with my sisters last Friday, my brain made an unfortunate (for me) connection between a particular scene and Justin Timberlake's annoyingly catchy tune "Sexy Back." If you haven't heard it, the rest of this post will make even less sense than the no sense that it makes now. (What? Ok.) You can listen here, although I'm not sure I should recommend that you do so because since then, it has been relentlessly attacking my brain, encouraging me to finish the new set of lyrics that I innocently began forming that night. In an attempt to give my brain a rest, and at the request of the above-mentioned sisters (yes, Megan. That includes you), I present the finished product. This one's for you, girls.


"Alpha Back"

He’s takin’ Alpha back (yeah)
Those other werewolves won’t know how to act (yeah)
He best be careful ‘fore they all attack (yeah)  
‘Cuz  Sam is willin’ to call out the pack… (yeah)
      (Take’em to the bridge)

What a babe…
Our little pup is old enough to shave
And now those rights as leader that he gave
Are flowing back just like a tidal wave
     (Take em to the chorus!)

Hold your breath
     (They threatened Bella)
Here comes Seth            
     (Jake thinks she’s swell…a)
Leah, too
 (For Edward’s wife)
Unlikely crew
  (He'll risk his life)

That’s all that he’s workin’ with
  (‘cuz Renesmee)
Changed since Eclipse
  (Was born today)
Guard the vamps
  (imprint surprise)
Like werewolf champs
  (and someone dies)

Get your Alpha on
     (Go ‘head be gone with it)
Get your Alpha on
     (Go ‘head be gone with it)
Get your Alpha on
     (Go ‘head be gone with it)
Get your Alpha on

He’s takin’ alpha back (yeah)
He gave it up but now he’s back on track (yeah)
And although Sam was pickin’ up his slack (yeah)
The rightful alpha is still Jacob Black (yeah)

You're welcome. 


  1. Not only did you give me access to your Netflix so I can obsess over Vampire Diaries, you posted your song! LOVE LOVE LOVE it! :)

  2. are the song-writing master. That just made my entire life better.

  3. Haha I'm not sure why y'all encourage me to spend entirely too much time on things like this, but I like it. ;) Slash we need to have girls night more often. Bam.